A new chapter: Chateau le Pin Beausoleil and Thomas Duclos

Change is a constant in the world of wine. As seasons shift and vines bear fruit, so do the paths of those who shape the flavors we savor. At Chateau le Pin Beausoleil, we recently bid farewell to a and friend and cherished partner of our property —a man whose expertise and passion have graced our vineyards for nearly two decades.

Winter pruning in organic viticulture

As the cold of winter settles over the vineyards, this time of year is particularly important for Chateau le Pin Beausoleil, as we are committed to organic farming. Winter pruning is a delicate dance between shaping the vines for optimal growth and ensuring the health of the vineyard ecosystem.

Challenges and triumphs: the 2023 vintage in Bordeaux

The Bordeaux wine region has long been revered for its exceptional wines, shaped by a delicate dance between nature and human skill. However, the 2023 vintage was proof of the resilience and adaptability of winegrowers in the face of difficult weather conditions.

Water and rain – too little or too much, but never right?


In Bordeaux, the dance between water and weather is decisive and shapes the character and quality of the wines every year. In 2023, these elements seem to harmonize well and promise exceptional Bordeaux wines. This is in some contrast to last year, when the southwest of France experienced extreme drought, fires and a lack of rainfall.

Impressions of the 2023 Primeur tastings


As for the 2022 vintage, we are confident that it will be remembered as one of the greatest that Chateau Le Pin Beausoleil has ever produced. Accordingly, the feedback from numerous journalists, sommeliers, wine experts, producers and importers was very positive and encouraging.

Preparing the vineyard for spring

While jogging early in the morning, in rather intense fog and a visibility of 30 to 50 meters at most, I discovered Igor Leclere, who was already working in the vineyard. At first almost invisible in the thick, gray soup of fog, I saw him working with the tractor and a mulcher, mowing and chopping between the rows of vines.

Winter work


After many days of very long hours, the 2022 vintage is now in barrels and completing the malolactic fermentation phase. And a somewhat quieter time begins at Chateau Le Pin Beausoleil. Igor Leclere has now started pruning the vines in the cold season, when the plants are entering a recovery phase after the hot summer.