A new chapter: New cooperation of Chateau le Pin Beausoleil with Thomas Duclos

Change is a constant in the world of wine. As seasons shift and vines bear fruit, so do the paths of those who shape the flavors we savor. At Chateau le Pin Beausoleil, we recently bid farewell to a and friend and cherished partner of our property —a man whose expertise and passion have graced our vineyards for nearly two decades.

Stephane Derenoncourt: A Legacy at Chateau le Pin Beausoleil

Stephane Derenoncourt, our esteemed wine consultant, has been an integral part of our journey His discerning palate, unwavering commitment, and deep understanding of terroir have elevated our wines to new heights. From the sun-kissed slopes of our vineyards at our property to the cool cellars where oak barrels whisper secrets, Stephane and his team, in particular Julien Lavenu, have left an indelible mark on our estate.

For more than twenty years, he guided us through vintages, blending sessions, and delicate decisions. His advice was more than professional—it was personal. The team of Derenoncourt consultants knew each vine, each parcel, as if they were old friends. Since his marriage at our house, a close relationship had formed and carried the development of relationship, leading to more than 25 vintages that were produced under the guidance of Stephane Derencourt’s team. We owe much of our success to his unwavering dedication.

A farewell toast

Last summer, Stephane approached us with a bittersweet announcement. He had decided to embark on new adventures, leaving the leadership of Derenoncourt consultants to the team that he had created and who have become his successors.

As this news reverberated through Bordeaux, we gathered in our tasting room, glasses in hand, to raise a toast to Stephane. His farewell was received with mixed feelings – a mixture of pride and nostalgia. But we also felt that time had come to embark on a new mission and seek a new input.

Thomas Duclos and Chateau Le Pin Beausoleil: a harmonious combination

As Stephane bid adieu, we asked Thomas Duclos and Oenoteam, known for its innovative approach and commitment to excellence, to lend us support in the future. After a very constructive meeting with him, a new partnership was formed.

Thomas Duclos is a rising star in the field of oenology consulting. Over the past ten years, he has built a reputation as one of the best consultant oenologists. He advises a diverse group of Bordeaux wineries, including some iconic estates such as Château Canon and Château Troplong Mondot. He has been working as a consultant oenologist since 2012 and has made a name for himself since then. His passion and expertise enrich the world of wine, and his collaboration with the renowned Oenoteam is promising.

In our first meetings, we immediately connected, and the “chemistry” was perfect. Together, we are now on our way to new adventures and towards creating one of the best wines of all Bordeaux, using our excellent “Saint Emilion-style” terroir.

A grateful harvest

At Chateau le Pin Beausoleil, we honor the legacy of Stéphane Derenoncourt and his team. His departure is not a loss, but a transformation – a vine that bears new fruit elsewhere. As the spring buds burst forth, we raise our glasses once more. Stephane Derenoncourt, may your journey be as rich and interesting as the wines you helped create . And to Thomas Duclos and Oenoteam, may our collaboration yield vintages at Le Pin Beausoleil that transcend time. Change sweeps through our vineyards, but the roots remain. Stephane, wherever your path leads, know that you are forever etched in our terroir. Santé! Santé!

Chateau le Pin Beausoleil is committed to crafting exceptional wines that reflect the soul of our terroir. Our legacy continues, guided by tradition, and fueled by innovation.

Apart from the threat of mildew, the weather conditions in Bordeaux from March to September were favorable for wine production. There was sufficient rainfall in March and April to give the vines the moisture they needed to start growing. May and June brought warm, sunny days on which the vines were able to thrive, while occasional rainfall kept the soil moist. In July and August, there was a mixture of warm, dry periods and short rain showers, which helped to maintain the balance between sugar ripeness and acidity of the grapes. The absence of extreme heat waves prevented sunburn damage to the grapes and preserved their quality. The winegrowers are now eagerly awaiting the harvest in September. The harvest starts this week at Le Pin Beausoleil.