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Sustainability, passion for quality and respect for the terroir. These are the guiding principles of winemaking at Château Le Pin Beausoleil. Our family has chosen this path despite the challenges of adverse climatic changes over the past decades. Despite the adverse climatic changes, the vines are fed only with natural nutrients, and the soil is worked very carefully.

About the people

In 2004, the Hallek family bought Château Le Pin Beausoleil. Even the tiniest details are meticulously attended to during the winemaking process. All wines have been certified organic since 2021. Stéphane Derenoncourt, a renowned oenologist, consults on the Château. Every vintage, our goal is to bring out the distinct characteristics of the outstanding terroir to their full potential.

Our Team

We are a small passionate team committed to producing high-quality organic wines. Sharing our appreciation and love for wine to unite past and present, to preserve this craft for generations to come.

Ingrid und Michael Hallek

Ingrid & Michael Hallek



Guardian of the winery

Igor Leclere

Technical Director

Our Wines

Our goal is to express the outstanding terroir in each vintage. Using gentle, organic methods to unfold the harmony between nature and our wine. Starting in 2021, all wines are certified according to the criteria of organic viticulture (Eurocert).


Château Le Pin

Our first wine, a cuvée from the best plots in Saint-Vincent and Merignas, composed of Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Wein3 Kopie

Petit Soleil

Our second wine, mainly produced with young Merlot grapes planted in 2000.

Our History

  • ~1500

    Chateau Le Pin has existed since at least the 15th century, as revealed by a text from the book on historical monuments of the Gironde ("Le Patrimoine des Communes de la Gironde" Flohic editions 2001, Tome II, p. 1192):

    "In 1447, the ambitious Bernard Angevin, favorite of Henry V and lord of Rauzan and Pujols, bought the noble house of Le Pin from the Massip family. In 1449 he gave it to Jean de Ros le Vieux. It then fell to Jean de la Combe on condition that he bear the name and coat of arms of his great-granduncle who died childless.

    In the 18th century, the manor house passed by marriage to the Sauvin family, who still owned it in 1801, then to Gabriel d'Abzac le La Martinie. The entrance to the castle was once defended by portcullis. A stone bridge replaced the old drawbridge. Two of the four towers that the building must have had are still left. The manor house is now a winery."

  • ChateauSommer


    In 1997, "Le Pin" became "Château Le Pin Beausoleil" and the tradition of winemaking was revived. The old manor house was lavishly restored and the original beauty of the estate was re-established. ‎

  • 2004

    Michael and Ingrid Hallek purchased the Chateau and immediately began extensive renovations and implemented a quality-oriented transformation of the estate's viticulture.

  • Chateau


    By purchasing the vineyards directly adjacent to the château in 2014, a high-quality terroir was acquired, located directly on a plateau above Saint Jean de Blaignac and Saint Vincent, one of the highest elevations in the Gironde. The vineyards have been largely replaced since 2014 and now characterize the quality of the wines.

  • Chateau


    Today, Le Pin Beausoleil is a peaceful and idyllically situated Château despite its proximity to the much visited Saint Emilion.


We strive to protect the soil, water, biodiversity and the people who work on our property by applying the principles of sustainable viticulture.

We seek to prevent the depletion of natural resources to ensure they will remain available for future generations.

Manual work

The manual execution of many, essential work steps, in the vineyard as well as in the cellar, is crucial for the high quality of our wines.


In every bottle that leaves our Chateau, there is the unconditional dedication to perfection and the desire to express the charm and diversity of its enchanting terroir.



Here we regularly report on news, adventures or the current steps in winemaking at Château Le Pin Beausoleil.


Winter works

11.01.2023 Winter works After the harvest is before the harvest After many days with very long hours, the vintage 2022 in is now in barrels, finishing the phase of malolactic fermentation. And a somewhat quieter period in Chateau Le Pin Beausoleil begins. Igor Leclere has started pruning the vines now during the cold season, where the plants transit to a recovery phase after the hot summer. Temperatures have been around 0°C for some weeks before they started to rise again. The pruning will now continue for several weeks. While it is hard work, it also offers peaceful moments of meditation,

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Harvest of the vintage 2022

26.10.2022 Harvest of the vintage 2022 The vine is a resilient plant that likes heat. During the summer of 2022, the weather conditions were favorable, thanks to very sunny days and little rain, which can be a vector for diseases and even parasites. Most of the winemakers expect that the 2022 vintage will be exceptional, because initial checks indicate excellent, high acid contents on the red wines as a sign of great maturity. Early start on 11 September At Chateau le Pin Beausoleil, the harvest 2022 began earlier than in most years, starting on the 12 September with the Merlots

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Celebration of our first fully certified organic vintage

08. September 2022 Celebrating our first fully certified organic wine. From now on, this blog reports the latest news and impressions at the Chateau le Pin Beausoleil. In June 2022, we celebrated the relaunch of the website of Château le Pin Beausoleil. Please send us your feed back about what you like or what you miss on our site. This relaunch was following the successful primeur tastings in April 2022, where we were able to present our first fully certified organic wine, Château le Pin Beausoleil 2021. These two events were two very important events for our winery. In particular,

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