Harvest of the vintage 2022

The vine is a hardy plant that likes heat. In the summer of 2022, the weather conditions were favorable, as there were many sunny days and little rain, which can transmit diseases and even parasites. Most winegrowers expect the 2022 vintage to be exceptional, as the first checks indicate excellent, high acidity levels in the red wines, which are a sign of great ripeness.

Early start on 11 September

At Chateau le Pin Beausoleil, the 2022 harvest began earlier than in most years, on September 12, with the Merlots from the younger vines. The last grapes were harvested in a collective, very enjoyable effort, brought to the vineyard by a group of friends on September 29 in cool temperatures and dry conditions after a few days of rain, which helped to increase the volume of the grapes.

Fête de vendange

The following day, the harvest was celebrated with a festive meal (fête de vendange) for the seasonal workers and the entire staff of the castle. This wonderful evening was crowned by a spectacular meal prepared by the incomparable chef Stivie Kimmig, who traveled from Cologne for the event.

Gentle extraction

After the harvest, gentle extraction was carried out during alcoholic fermentation using pumping (“remontage”) and punching (“pigeage”) techniques to preserve the freshness of the wines. As the berries were small, had little juice and thick skins, the ratio of pomace to juice was naturally very different from other years.

The seeds were exceptionally ripe for all varieties this year, from Merlots to Cabernet Franc and Sauvignon. This ensures soft, sweet tannins and an aroma palette reminiscent of roasted pine nuts. The aroma profile is much fresher than we would have expected, especially on the clay-limestone soils. The wines have a lot of freshness and energy without being affected by the heat. “It’s more a vintage of light than a vintage of heat,” says Julien Lavenu from Vignerons Consultants.


Programmed for a great vintage

What can we say at this point about this vintage at Chateau le Pin Beausoleil? We think it has all the ingredients for one of the best vintages ever produced at our chateau: Perfect ripeness of the grapes of all varieties, including the Cabernet Francs. The sugar and thus the alcohol content was 15°. The quantities per hectare are between 30-35 hl and are therefore lower than in most years, which is due to the drought and the lack of rainfall between July and the first half of September.

Overall, the 2022 in Pin Beausoleil is programmed for a big wine with a long guard and a rich, fully developed body and flavors. The current work in the cellar is intended to develop this potential and produce a wine that will give pleasure for decades to come.