Impressions from the Primeur tastings 2023

The primeur test in the Bordeaux region took place from April 24 to 27, 2023. It is always a highlight at our winery. It was a privilege to attend the Primeur tastings at the home of Count Stephan von Neipperg, who very generously invites us each year to present our Primeur wines at his beautiful and prestigious Chateau Canon La Gaffeliere. Over the years, we have become friends and enjoy the short time we spend together during the Primeur tastings. We often find time to talk about all aspects of our current world and politics, but also about the latest developments in winemaking.

Le Pin Beausoleil 2022 - a promising vintage.

As for the 2022 vintage, we are confident that it will be remembered as one of the greatest that Chateau Le Pin Beausoleil has ever produced. Accordingly, the feedback from numerous journalists, sommeliers, wine experts, producers and importers was very positive and encouraging. Julian Lavenu from Derenoncourt consults also confirms our positive assessment. I met Stéphane Derenoncourt by chance at a tasting and he was very pleased with Le Pin Beausoleil 2022. The 2002 vintage presents itself with a mouth full of dark berries, red cherries, plums and mocha and, despite its intense and full body, retains good acidity and freshness, expressing the minerals of the excellent terroir and fine tannins. We are particularly proud that the wonderful plots in Saint Vincent de Pertignas (which provide the backbone and structure for the wine) and Merignas (which provide the muscle and fruit) produce wines with a pleasing harmony of structure and elegance.

Enjoy the hospitality of Stephan von Neipperg during the Primeur tasting

Limited production.

Stephane Derenoncourt likes the 2022 Château Le Pin Beausoleil

As we only produced a limited quantity in 2022 due to the relatively dry weather conditions, the Primeur offer could be very interesting for our customers. We will only produce around 850 to 900 crates of the 2022 vintage. In addition, most vintages of Pin Beausoleil are currently sold out, including the 2020 vintage. Therefore, it might be advisable for our long-standing customers to buy the 2022 vintage en primeur if they want to have this long-lasting and valuable vintage in their cellar.

Sprouting of grapevines

Over the past four weeks, the southwest of France, including Bordeaux, has experienced a mixture of weather conditions. There were phases of heavy rainfall, cooler temperatures and some sunny days. In some areas, rainfall was above average, which is a cause for concern for winegrowers and farmers. However, some dry periods have helped to balance out the moisture content. The cooler temperatures have delayed the flowering process of the vines, which may affect the time of harvest, but can also lead to more complex flavors. Despite the challenges, we remain optimistic and will adapt to the changed conditions.

During the primeur tasting, we were able to follow the budding of the vines. As the water reservoirs were able to fill up again after the rainfall, the budding was very even and vigorous, creating a beautiful backdrop. In addition, due to the mild weather conditions this year, there is no risk of frost damaging the vines. So we are ready for another wine-growing season in 2023.

Sprouting of grapevines